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From Surviving to Thriving by Dr. Linda T Nelson

Getting Healthy after Cancer
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According to a World Cancer Research Fund study in February 2009, about one third of the 12 most common cancers in high-income countries could be prevented through diet, exercise and weight control. By making relatively straightforward changes, we could significantly reduce the number of cancer cases around the world. And for those who do get cancer, these same lifestyle changes can help create an environment within the body that is unfriendly to cancer, allowing for a long and productive life. Only the amazing instrument, the body, has the ability to heal itself. Becoming educated in lifestyle choices can help you discover the way to optimal health. This book is a tool for those seeking a cancer-preventive lifestyle.


Dr. Linda T. Nelson, N.D., Ph.D., has devoted much of her life to researching and educating others on preventive therapies and holistic answers to health problems. Her journey began with her own battle with Fibromyalgia, when she learned firsthand about the healing and regenerative properties of the body. She went on to gain advanced degrees in Nutrition and Integrated Health Therapies, with an emphasis on Women?s Health Issues. Dr. Nelson is the President and CEO of Beneficial International and The M'lis Company, which offer holistic health and wellness programs through the spa and chiropractic industries. Dr. Nelson?s daughter-in-law?s experience with Stage 3 Breast Cancer at the young age of 24 inspired her quest to find holistic ways to create a cancer-preventive environment within the body, before, during and after a diagnosis.
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