The M’lis Cleanse is prescribed and endorsed by thousands of licensed professionals. Easy to follow and safe, it was designed by Dr. Linda T. Nelson to be the quickest system for achieving the benefits of a truly clean body.

Detoxification Kit by M'Lis

M'lis Detoxification Kit

Detox and Cleanse your body of toxins, mucus and other waste materials in the intestinal tract and organs. Includes: FIBER Wheat Bran, Psyllium 200 capsules; CLEANSE Intestinal Cleanser 90 capsules; DETOX Body Purifier

90 capsules.

  • Price: $69.00

Total Body Cleanse - Mlis

Total Body Cleanse

M'lis Total Body Cleanse 7 Days to a lifetime of benefits: The toxins surrounding you everyday don't care. They constantly attack your efforts to have beautiful...

  • Price: $70.00

Cleanser Intestinal Cleaner

Cleanse Active Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada Bark, Cloves, Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, Oregon Grape Root, Yellow Dock Root, Marshmallow Root, Butternut Bark, Licorice Root

M'lis CLEANSE is an herbal bowel tonic that helps break down hard encrustation of waste for removal from the system as part of a complete Detoxification program.   Click picture for details.

Quantity: 90 capsules

  • Price: $23.00

DETOX Body Purifier

DETOX DETOX Body Purifier is part of a complete Detoxification program, which replaces the normal diet and cleanses body systems.

M'lis Detox Colon,  of waste and toxins within the systems of the body. The colon becomes clogged and loses its ability to function properly.   Inner Bliss by Dee

Quantity - 90 capsules

  • Price: $23.00

FIBER Wheat Bran & Psyllium

FIBER Wheat Bran & Psyllium

Fiber has been shown to have many health benefits.  Quanity: 200 capsules (450 mg)  CLICK IMAGE TO READ DETAILS AND DISCLAIMER.

  • Price: $25.00