Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate

Give the gift of wellness to your valued family, friends, clients or employees! Gift certificates can be used towards M'Lis Products, massages, body wraps or wellness programs. If you prefer to purchase by phone, call (337) 475-2547

  • Price: $25.00

Mlis Sipper Bottle

Mlis Sipper Bottle

Mlis sipper bottle was designed for you to help you complete program by pre-measuring the amount of ingredients you will need to follow the 3-day liquid cleanse.  Designed for Detox days.   Also works great with Mlis Shakes!

  • Price: $5.00



Dr. Linda T. Nelson has compiled over years of research and training into a comprehensive resource for people who suffer from debilitating and life altering symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Candida.

Detailed description-click product.

  • Price: $16.00

From Surviving to Thriving by Dr. Linda T Nelson

Getting Healthy after Cancer

A Comprehensive resourse to help rebuild the immune system after Cancer Treatments and to help you live a preventive Cancer lifestyle. (Click picture for full description.)

  • Price: $15.90

Losing Mom

Losing Mom

Watching her mothers' mind slowly deteriorate from Alzheimer's, Dr. Nelson began intensive study on how to influence ones health, and enjoy longevity through the choices (Click picture for full description)

  • Price: $16.00


Wellness Journal

M'Lis knows how important it is to journal while going through Health and Wellness Programs. So they have provided a very nice Journal for you to keep track of your progress.

  • Price: $6.00